Our Services

Hard Drive Degaussing

Faith Corporation is professional in helping our clients remove confidential hard disk data and disposing them in a secure and responsible manner. With all this process, the data stored inside the Hard disk cannot be retrieved anymore and the Hard disk is totally unusable.

IT Relocation

Relocating is a team effort. Whether it’s just office, or a factory, having a professional company onside makes everyone’s move a success. We have the experience and capabilities for your one stop business move. If you're looking for good quality and honest office movers who can deliver the best service, look no further.

Data Destruction

We cover the process of destroying data stored on tapes, hard disks and other forms of electronic media so that it is completely unreadable and cannot be accessed or used for unauthorized purposes. Data can also be destroyed through degaussing, which destroys data on magnetic storage disk drives by changing the magnetic field.

System Integration

Faith Corporation Pte Ltd have the perfect solution for these stressful and exciting moments when you need to setting up a new office or planning to revamp an existing office setup. We provides several specialized services to all our valued customers. Not only do we deal with electrical control panels, we goes one step further by allowing customized modifications to cater to different needs in the office.

IT Disposed

We provide all company that assists businesses with IT Asset Management and e-waste recycling. We offers secure data disposal and destruction for electronic devices, complete selection of Data Sanitization and Physical Hard Drive Destruction solutions.

Benefits from our Services

Our services reduced cost of ownership, Safe data destruction & disposal of assets, Offer excellent value on usable decommissioned assets, Hassle-free recycling process from beginning till end, Strong manpower and transportation capacities.